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Dec 26, 2003
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What is a good level two cert project? Last night I found out I have access to a J350 when I build something to fly it in. Any suggestions would be appreciated, scratch built or kit?
I can recommend from reading reviews that the Thor is a good L2 cert bird.
I'm planning to pick up a Thor when the dust settles at BSD. Probably get it this fall and spend the winter building it, maybe get one of those fibersock-type things for extra strength.
Public Enemy Extreme 4" Performer. wicked straight forward L2 choice.

Hangar 11 has this bird already set-up with dual deploy in the kit, and priced to sell at less than $100 if thats the way you want to go.
woohoo what a shot Rocketman248...

motor of choice for me was the HyperTEK J300 (old style Hammerhead tank) to 4,333ft. Flew many times on the K240 HyperTEK load as well.

Alas a faulty RRC2 shredded my rocket under full thust of the new J317...

I have another in a kit just waiting for it's turn for production :D

both times I paid $59.99
Another one for the BSD Thor.. or more simple the Horizon 54.

Or a little of each, kit and scratch... a normal 4" Horizon then scratch build an extended payload bay for a main recovery system.

I've just completed that last month and flew it on a J350 for a beautiful dual deploy flight up around 3,500'...