What is your favorite 24mm rocket?

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I have a scratch-built clone of a Goblin with 2 oz. glass on the fins for rough landings with the streamer. D12's are a hoot in that thing. Gotta try one of those 24/40 D9's in it sometime.

Toss up between my Estes Big Daddy or my Vaughn Brother's Rocketry Stretch Blobbo. I like the Big Daddy because I beefed it up and fly it on D12's up to F39's. The Blobbo takes anything I toss at it, including chad staging. :D
Anything that ejects at apogee with an E9-8 is about as good as it gets on the fields that I have flown at--long motor burn yet it doesn't get so high that you can't get the rocket back.
My modified Comanche-3, D12's on the first and second stage, E9 on the
third stage. Have not had the opp. to launch it with all 3 stages yet. need
a bigger field. Did get it up on 2 on a very calm day, lost sight of it but hear
the ejection. I came down just a few hundred feet from the pad.
I like the big daddy. I built it stock (no mods) a while ago and it flies great. It flies great on F24 and F39s. A fun kit.
Thrustline Duster, it flies great from C11s all the way up to F39s

I even upscaled one for my L1 bird :D

I am a big fan of John Rowan-Stern's designs. Even though many of them are simple 3 & 4FNC they all seem to have the right size/scale/balance/line... whatever combination of things that give a rocket the right "look" At least in my eye :p

Close second would be the Arapahoe E (Don't have one built at the moment) and the Mighty Mick. I've also got an Astral Lance kit, but I've never even seen one flown before

Duster 002 cropped.jpg

ST2009-078602 Cropped.jpg

ST2009-079654 cropped.jpg
My choice changes after every launch I attend. :rolleyes: Right now it's a 3-way tie between my Nova, my Orbit and my Echo-1 (cloned FSI models built with parts from Semroc). I have built quite a few rockets with 24mm mounts and I have many more in unbuilt kits, but I have only launched a handful of them so far due to space restrictions. None of them have had more than 2 or 3 flights, either. Because of that I haven't really settled on a single favorite 24mm rocket yet.

Qmodeling Stiletto...love the look...fun kit to build...flies great
has to be edmonds Ecee thunder, flies great on an E9-4 and its a huge glider
A copy of a scratch built over on EMRR called the Flat Black by Larry Brand. A tube fin rocket that flies on anything from a C6-5 to a E15-7. I've never had anything but straight-stable flights with this rocket. When the wind kicks up this is the rocket I reach for.
My favorite was my Sunward Maverick. She died a quick death via rekitting... too many F39's for the cardboard "intakes". Another is needed to replace her and replace her I will.
My favorite, by far, is my daughters Mercury Engineering Invader that flies on single, dual and triple 24mm. A not so close tie for second is my Estes SM-3 Seahawk and Stormcaster

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TLP Matra Magic R.550. Worked to get the real one qualified to be carried on the F16. Mine gives nice, slow majestic flights. I've got about 2 dozen flights on it, mostly F24's and F39's.
I'd say one of these two. Why? The 'D' was my first 24mm bird. I've built, flown, and lost a few of them. The 'E' is a great continuation of the theme. D-Power! :D
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Fliskits Nantucket Sound. Low, loud, and smoky. I've flown it on E18-4W loads twice, and I don't think there's a 24mm motor that it can't use as long as the delay is right.
mine would have to be te acme spitfire first then the richter rechter second!!! though my modified rhino is a real rush to fly!:D
The Loc Viper IV

In large quantities

Dynastar Snarky, flown many times, waiting to be repaired has a small zipper. Flown mostly on E18s and F24s.
i have to say it is an estes stormcaster. never had a bad launch on it. works great on D12s. high and straight. i did crack a fin once but a little super glue and it has lasted many flights. did 2 launches with it today and they were about a perfect as it gets. if i remember correctly, rocksim shows about 750 - 800 feet on a D12.

2nd choice would be a big daddy but it really needs a bit more powerful engine. the d12s work nice but would like a little more ummph and altitude.