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Jan 18, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
I was just wondering if any of you guys are building anything really cool lately.

Me, I'm finishing up a PML Matrix. I'll probably fly it this coming weekend. I'm just waiting for my H242T reload to show up which should be this week.

I've also got a Binder Design Stealth ready to go. I'll be putting an I161W in it. I don't quite know what to expect yet since it's my first I class motor.

Needless to say, with these two bad boys, I'll probably be scared s#!*less but then again I've noticed that whenever I use my video camera, my flights usually go off without a hitch.
Well, several, which one :p.
You cna look at my sig for current projects, I am performing maintenance on teh Mean Machine and adding a motor retainer to the G-Force. Other than that not much.

EDIT: I will try to get a decent pic of the G-Force up here sometime later today.
Hey there Blue_Ninja_150

You made a great choice with the G-Force. I have one and I usually put it up on G64-4W or G80-4T motors.

It's really a good idea that you have decided to add a better form of motor retention to it. The last time I flew mine on a G80, the casing somehow got past the motor hook and was ejected from the rocket. Luckily, it wasn't one of my 29/40-120 casings or I would have been pi$$ed.

I'm taking your signature advice and trying (weather gods permitting) to do an L1 this upcoming weekend on an AT Sumo with an H165 Redline.

Other than that...


2X CCExpress
Acme Spitfire
Quest Flatcat

On the Radar:

PML Sudden Rush CP3K - My L2 bird
Deuce (sorry boys - regular size)
RIM8 Talos scratchbuilt

Trying to work up the courage:

Shadow Composites Sprint
Hey there Hospital_Rocket

That's great. I sure hope it works out for you. That seems like a great combination. I'd like to get a Sumo someday.

I absolutely love the Redline motors, I have an H165 right now that I'm waiting to burn in my PML Small Endeavour, again weather gods permitting because I think I'd get about 2,000 feet out of it and I am really itching to stick an I285 in my Stealth.

I like White Lightning motors too but I like the Redlines better.

Again, good luck with your upcoming cert flight.:)

I noticed the CC Express on your active list. I don't see much about it on the forum but I built one for a Science Day launch I did at my kids' school (their science teacher wanted to see one go "really high"). Man what a great cheap rocket!! Lost it, as I knew I would, to the rocket Gods but, man, what a beautiful flight. (Have 2 extras sitting in my incredibly large to-do pile)

Anyway, current active project is a scratch designed "Bail-Out-Barbie", designed to deliver a 4.9 ounce trademarked Barbie, with non-trademarked parachute, to 500 feet, on Estes Ds or Es. Sandman built the nosecone and transition for me (BEAUTIFUL) but my design failed today when it blew itself apart at 400 feet. My girls were serioulsly disappointed. Fortunately no Barbie was aboard for the test flight, or I'd never hear the end of it. Started working on the redesign when I got home.

Next up after that will be a Neubauer Little Joe 1.

Good luck with yours.
I'm currently so busy trying to decide what project to work on, that I'm getting none of them done, y'know?

a) an upscale Estes Solarprobe for my L2/L3
b) "Tengu/Badbird", a design for the Canadian H-impulse Complex altitude record
c) "Chibi Joe", a 6" Little Joe - Mercury as a group project (with semiscale cluster... 4x 38mm + 4x 24mm)
d) "The Two Stage Tube Sock"... you don't want to know
e) "RARAR 1.0", a radio tracking transmitter / morse code beacon

On the distant horizon is a Little Joe - Mecury built around PML 11.4" tubing, and maybe something with fall-away boosters.
Current projects (yes there is more than one)

Finish up several rockets before I go to the TRF launch at Whitakers in a few weeks....

1. 3X Estes Bullpup (38mm)
2. 4" V-2 (with 29mm motor mount)
3. Fliskits Praetor
4. Scratch built "Mile High" design (38mm, fly it on a J285??)

On the workbench (such as it is):
- FrankenPhoenix (upgrade to a 29mm MMT)
- The Launch Pad RIM-67A Plan-Pak
- Scratch-built RIM-66 (BT-70 based)
- Madd Magg (LOC Minie Magg upgraded to a 54mm mount and with custom fins)

The Madd Magg will hopefully be ready to fly on August 7th, which will be a banner day in my life: 1) 30th birthday; 2) Level 1 Cert; 3) Level 2 Cert (both with the Madd Magg); 4) End of my active duty Naval service!

On the paint stand:
- Tres (finally got the Frisket film last night at the Michaels 30% sale)

Still in the packages and screaming to be built:
- Drake
- Deuce's Wild
- Quest DC-Y Clipper
- Art Applewhite Stealth Qubit (29mm)
- Estes Cosmic Cobra

im raising money to get a mp kit and sitting here when im bored putting chutes on all the rockets i never finished...

Well... to be kinda, sorta, almost funny... maybe...
my current project is just getting out of bed...
Happy Easter... everyone...!!!

My daughter and I are building an Estes Fat Boy, Estes Gemini DC, and a homebrew launch controller. Also looking into an A-E engine stand, and prototyping a scratch built rocket car designs.

Happy Easter,

Originally posted by Justy
I'm currently so busy trying to decide what project to work on, that I'm getting none of them done, y'know?

LOL! I know, I know!

V2 - recovery device
Starprobe (13mm downscale) - recovery device
Vostok (sport scale) - send money to sandman for nose cone (!)
Saturn IV (Alway fantasy scale) - start cutting body tubes
SR-71 - repair motor mount

Not as bad a list as some, I suppose...
My Saturn V is almost finished - picked up some fishing weights last week for the nose, today I'm going to set the CG and seal the wood grain on the tunnel covers. Tomorrow it'll get primed, and paint next week.

After that I've got a PML Mini-BBX and Estes SR-X boost glider. I plan to modify the BBX for dual deployment. Anyone have any good techniques for cutting Quantum Tube?

After those are done there probably won't be any more projects for awhile. Unfortunately we have a lot of financial commitments bearing down on us this summer so reloads are about all I'll be able to afford. It's been REAL hard to resist all those Hobby Lobby sales lately!

Good luck with the Matrix...I have one and it flies sweet on a I161W-Medium.

My current projects include a 6x Upscale of the Estes BLU-97B Cluster Bomb which is completed and has half the decals on it. Another one is the Tres 2.5x Upscale...I will have it finished in a week or so. Finally, I still have a 75% scale HARM AGM-88A Missile, 7.5" diameter and 123" long that needs primer, paint and decals, along with noseweight. If I finish these up, a break will be take so I can fly.

I've been trying to get the parts togather for some motor retainers. For now I'm just getting the things for 24mm and 29mm retainers. And EX-motor cases. 38mm and 29mm. And I've been working on getting my BT-55 mach buster primed. Should have the last coat of primer on it today.:cool:
All scratch stuff...

Mars Probe- 18mm ring fin
Mike IX- 40+ inch 3 eng cluster
Fox One- Fighter looking
Aerobee Hi- "Fun" Scale 2 stage
Triple Treat- 3 stage 24/18mm
Kate D- Zacks sister's rocket (her name Kate)

Launch Control System
Beginners Pack
X form chutes

...and a ton of other non-rocketry stuff
Thanks Carl

Also, good luck with your upscale BLU-97B Cluster Bomb. I did mean to ask were you planning on deploying several little bombs from it like the Estes kit or not, that would be cool.

Your upscale Tres sounds awesome too. I wish I could be there when you launch them.
Originally posted by Chilly
Anyone have any good techniques for cutting Quantum Tube?

I'll admit that I've never cut any QT, but I think I would want to use a fine toothed saw if I did. Maybe a razor saw.
My next projects are going to be a loc/precision viper 4 and a scratch built night launch rocket.I also have some rockets awaiting paint.:)
Ready for Primer:
Estes Phoenix

On the bench:
Estes Saturn V (Skylab configuration, 5 motor cluster)
1/2A helicopter (under repair, 1st launch shredded)

In the wings:
Vostok 1/40 (laying out parts in TurboCAD)
Apogee Saturn 1B (1/4 done, stuck back in box)
Von Braun Ferry Rocket #1 (canard version), imagineering stage
Originally posted by Donaldsrockets
I was just wondering if any of you guys are building anything really cool lately.

Does this count? I have to re-deck a skateboard ramp/half-pipe for my kids. If it stops raining, my wife will be after me for sure to harvest the yard again. And sometime, I have to build about four dozen arrows for my youngest so he can begin practicing for the big annual contest coming up here in west Fort Worth.

For myself, I have been playing with a regurgitated Renegade. I bought about four of these kits when they came out and build one stock, but I get bored with doing multiples of the exact same thing. So I am kit-bashing the next one into a fighter-plane-style rocket, and we'll see if it is still flyable when I get done with it.
Hey powderburner

Yeah, I think that counts, sounds like your kids have really scratched the livin' daylights out of it possibly trying to become the next Tony Hawk.

I think trying to bash the Renegade into a futuristic fighter, heck, it includes so many cones and tubes that it's practically a scratch builders or kit bashers dream.

I have a Renegade that I built stock and I really enjoy it because I love futuristic designs. If I were to build another, I think I would put a 24mm motor mount in the booster stage. Even with the C6-0, I still think it's a little underpowered.

Good luck:)
I find it easyer to show you my latest project rather than talk about it lol here it is :
That's cool. Nice rocket and motor. That's one of the new F20's isn't it?

I flew an old style F20 in my Aerotech Strong ARM last month without any problems other than having to first use a stinkin' Crapperhead that failed of course:mad:

BTW, what AMRAAM kit is that?
Originally posted by Donaldsrockets
That's cool. Nice rocket and motor. That's one of the new F20's isn't it?

I flew an old style F20 in my Aerotech Strong ARM last month without any problems other than having to first use a stinkin' Crapperhead that failed of course:mad:

BTW, what AMRAAM kit is that?

Yep that is the new Econojet F20 (F20-4W) , And i had probs with the Crapperheads (Hey who doesent) , it popped the ignitor twice , but finaly ignited the motor and i flew my first ever HPR motor.
That isnt a AMRAAM kit its a scratch built 30% scale version.The paint is darker than it should be , but thats all i can get ,I have applied all of the decals now , apart from the AIM-120 one which is still in the post (I hope)
I just thought that I'd give y'all an update.

Well, I got the Matrix off the ground on the H242T and it was a nice straight flight but I think the ejection charge went off a few seconds early. It was supposed to be a medium delay. After all, it was my first 38mm reload, maybe I did something wrong, I don't know. Fortunately, I recovered the rocket and there was no damage whatsoever except for some scratched up paint.

I also got my Stealth off the ground on an I161W. I think that was my best flight to date. I had to chase it a long way but I guess that was the price to pay to get it back without a scratch.