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Jan 17, 2009
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I found a paper sack stashed away in my junk pile, and when I dumped it out, it had some old nose cones in it. One was an original Goony-bird two piece nose cone, and another one I do not recall. Anyone remember what the nose cone in the first picture is from, it fits a BT-55? Opps, I just compared the BT60 cone, to my original Cloud Hopper, and it is not the same, it has a "triangular" shock cord mount, not a "flat" one. Any one know what it is from?




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The angle is more like an Apollo capsule, but I do not recall Estes, or Centuri, ever making any scale manned rockets in BT-55.
the transition is from an Estes Nike-Apache kit BT-55 to BT-5 if memory services. Same on I used in my Phantom Nike-Apache.
Not sure about the Nosecones.


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Clue: the top is a BT-5 shoulder, so the rocket had a BT-5 upper portion.

now, start looking though old catalogs (online) for sounding rockets that fit the BT-55 to BT-5 formula.
Thanks Guys! Looks like I an going to build a Nike Apache, I don't have one of those in my collection yet.
Thats what I like about this group, I do not have to do the hard work, someone else will do it for me, then give me the links.:D Of course, they will tell me I should have looked first!:p