What is this....a Jetex 50 Hellcat???

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Jan 30, 2009
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I found this and remember that I ordered it from an ad in POPULAR MECHANICS about 35 or so years ago. Seems like it had pellets that you inserted and lit with a fuse and thrusted like a jet engine. I think I bolted it to an erector set chassis and it burned a long time and flew down the street! Must have been my first "rocket car"!:eek: Maybe it explains my affinity with "little cars on strings":rolleyes: .....GUS!!!:mad: Does anyone know if you can still get those "pellets" for these things? Could this be put in a glider?:D Does anyone else have any of these and what have you done with them?
there are alot of sites and even forums for those little jetex dohickys. I even have seen them on ebay
so I'm sure you can still get fuel...I still have some old jetex plans somewhere..it's been a (long) while since I've tinkered with them
Hard to tell from the pic what the actual size of that thing is. What's the aprox. size? Just curious.
Sorry guys about the scale problem. From the round end of the body to the nozzle end, the length measures about 1 1/2". The diameter is approx. 5/8". It is very small.:rolleyes: I first read about Jetex motors in Stine's Handbook of Model Rocketry and did not realize that this was one of those till I saw the pics in the "gliders" thread. It would be nice to be able to get some more of the fuel pellets. From what I remember, it did burn for several, maybe 7 sec. or more!
Looks just like mine only rusty.. How'd ya rust an alum. casing?
I don't have the mounting clip anymore. Funny; we were just talking about Jetex stuff in another thread earlier today:)
I was wondering if fuel pellets were still available in the U.S. thanks for the web site OKtubro, the thing was great for testing hand tossing BG's;)
It's been a few years since I've done any FF Airplane stuff, but Davis Model Products used to be the US distributor for Jet-X. (Notice the similar but different name....Jet-X vs. Jetex) The original Jetex fuel was just OK. The newer Jet-X fuel is a lesson in patience. It is very difficult to get lit...the fuse being the major problem. It often plugs the nozzle.

A good place to try in the US would be Peck Polymers. They are a mainstay in the world of balsa / nitrate dope / tissue FF modeling world.

A more contemporary alternative to Jetex is the Rapier motor. These will look very familiar. A good source for both Jetex and Rapier is SAMS in the UK. I've never ordered from them, but I've known some guys that have, and they were generally pleased with the service. (It's a small world afterall)


If you are successful and flying Jetex, you are a better man than me. :D

Thanks for the replies. This is the 50 Hell-cat model. It has the 4-point star shape at the nozzle end and a case of pressed steel....hence the antique look. Since it is very smooth on the surface it is not like rust....just a bronze type of patina. The flash made it look rusty, but it is a pressed steel case.
Yes, That is the Jetex 50!

I have a box of maybe 5 or 6 pelets packs with the fuse that I tried to sell on Ebay but they pulled the fuel pellet.

Ebay said they were dangerous!

Email me...such a deal we can make!