what is the proper use Of A & in english?

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what is the proper use Of A & in english?:D

Actually, this should be written as:

What is the proper use of an "&" in English?

The "&" is not generally used in written personal correspondence, it is properly used in certain business and legal instances as a substitute for the word "and".

You may use it freely in spoken conversations.
It's called an ampersand, a mucked up version of "and per se and". It literally means "and".

In *nix operating systems, & is used to run a program in the background -- "xeyes &" for example

In many programming languages, & is a bitwise AND operator...
13 & 6 == 4 (in binary, 1101 & 0110 == 0100)

In HTML, it's used to indicate a special character code following it.
For instance, © for ©, ¼ for ¼, ñ for ñ...