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Jun 14, 2023
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Was wondering what builds are on your "build list", These are builds you want to do in the future, not current ones. Can be kits, scratch built, etc.

My build list:

-4" Sidewinder

-4" Airborne Surveillance Missile

-2.6" Black Star Voyager

-29mm min dim Tripoli F record breaking rocket

-carbon fiber der red max w/ 29mm motor mount

-4" Boyce Aerospace Hobbies Gemini Titan II I didn't say that

-TLP Nike Hercules (built from plan pack)
75mm MD Go Devil
98mm MD Go Devil

Bought both about 6 years ago from Madcow when they were selling Rocketry Warehouse kits. Opened the shipping cartons a few weeks ago and washed the fiberglass. They will be my next builds after the Madcow 98mm Frenzy XL that I am building now.

Someday I will also open the shipping cartons for the 98mm Nike-Apache and 98mm Nike-Tomahawk that I’ve had for even more years.
I have thought of building something the size of an Estes Alpha, but light enough to fly with an MMX motor. It wouldn't necessarily LOOK like an Alpha.

Another rocket glider, possibly MMX, similar to the Fliskits Nano. My Nano flew away, so maybe I'd make this one slightly larger.

Semroc's tiny Orbital Transport appeals to me.

A scratch built Estes Farside, since as a kid I had the kit and never built it. Possibly with one of those Eggtimer things to deploy the chute (or streamer) at a low altitude. Then I could fly it from small fields.

An Estes Sprite, since I never flew mine as a kid. I was ashamed of it because I used incompatible paints and they bubbled.

It might take a while to get to these.
I'm sure my list is small in comparison to many on here... but from looking at my excel sheet, I currently have 49 kits in my build pile, plus 4 awaiting paint, and another 2 that are currently in build.

I don't really have a rhyme or reason behind choosing what I build.... Whenever I want to build something I will usually pull up the spreadsheet and seeing what looks like a fun build. For example, I still have a SBR Thor that I picked up 6 years ago waiting to be built, and have several other birds that have been built since them that havent sat in the pile as long.... There are also 2 Estes PSII Nike Smokes on there from 8 years ago....
Near term
I presently have 4 actively being worked
I have 4 started, but have let languish and hope to restart soon
And I have selected 7 others from my build pile to start in the near term

Long term, whittle down the STABLE

Unfortunately, I actually have hopes to work the STABLE.
Because I have become very particular as to what types of kits, plus price that I am willing to pay, to add to the STABLE.
And the unfortunate part is several of the kit manufacturers that develop my preferred types have not produced many, if any, new kits recently. So nothing new to buy. Fortunately there are still a few that are innovating new designs......
Wildman Drago 75
Bad Boy Rocketry Pro Series II Scion
J&H Boost Glider
Hound Dog Missile
Loc Lil' Nuke
ASP Kappa 7-1 (29mm)
I'm working on an Estes Bullpup and an Estes Black Brant. The Bullpup is ready for primer, the BB is ready to have the fins put on. Both of these required more than normal work to the motor mounts because of tail cones and additional internal strengthening I wanted to do inside the rear of the tail cones.
My build list is too long. I am starting to look at the ones that have been waiting the longest to build. I have a couple from the late 90's that I should build. Then I have a couple more clones waiting to start. Decisions, Decisions.

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