What is needed to make the USR Weightlofter Dual-Deploy'able?

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Jun 30, 2010
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Im planning on using the USR Weightlofter kit as my first dual-deploy testbed.

The rocket already splits into 2pecies, the main Booster part and the the top Payload.

I was thinking, could I use the motor ejections for the drogue deployment. Then have a altimeter kick in at say 200ft and pop the nosecone off along with the main? But what would I need to build/make to make her liable for dual-deploy?

there should be some good info in the support/recovery forum
I would personally suggest using a dual deployment altimeter and using the altimeter for both events. To add security, you could use a long delay on the motor and use that as backup on the drogue.

Also, 200' is very low for a main deployment. It doesn't leave you with any room for error if your chute decides to take a couple seconds to unfurl. I'm sure people have done it, but it would give me the heebie-jeebies. I'd go 500' if you're feeling daring or even preferrably 800' just to make sure everything has time to function properly.
Thanks for the tips guys. I was going to use the 'chute that came with the kit as the main. Its about a 20" 'chute but not like one I've seen before. It's made from tissue paper by the looks of it, and when inflated makes a semi circle. So if I used this at 200ft I wouldn't want it too strip. So If i could get the main to come out as close as the drogue, I should me ok.

Im planning on getting a LC Deluxe for christmas. Is this a good choice?