What is a dead thread?

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Apr 23, 2016
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What makes a thread dead and not worth following anymore?
What makes a good thread?
Is being redundant though thread building the same build boring?
Or could it be interesting to see the different 'craftability' within TRF'ers

What makes a dead thread? Or an interesting thread?
Awkward silence, lol (Will I get replies to my thread?). I have wondered about this too from time to time.
A dead thread simply hasn't had any replies to it in awhile. If you are following it, you won't get any notifications so I don't
bother "unfollowing". In fact sometimes someone comes up with a new angle that's interesting so I don't mind receiving notifications on it even though it hasn't been spoken of lately. Kurt
I would say a dead thread is either where the OP's question has been answered thoroughly, or where a build has been completed, launched, and nothing new to add. Or even a topic that's no longer relevant.

A "good" thread is really subjective. Many people enjoy many different aspects of the hobby, everyone is different. What's good to one could be garbage to another.
Can we film the operation? Is the thread dead yet? (Okay, who gets it?)

You know the boys in the forum have a running bet.

Back to the OP's question: there's not much to define or explain. Either a thread draws participation or it doesn't. Some threads are driven by one person (e.g. most build threads) and when that person stops posting updates the thread dies. Some are group-driven (e.g. the word association game) and those go until people collectively lose interest. Sometimes if a thread goes quiet for long enough, it drops far enough down the various "recent post" listings that most people stop seeing it, and it is that much more likely to die.
LOL-great minds etc. I was gonna reply, "Nehru jackets", but..coulda been DeadHead Threads!

:grin: I wear my Dead Threads quit a bit....in fact, The Grateful Dead Movie is on right now....awesome Playin in the Band...
I was going to elaborate on a "dead thread" being found in a music forum, but Fred sorta beat me to it. Threads aren't so dead really. Sometimes someone will bump it in an effort to resurrect it, or someone found an old thread while digging around ( Google or whatever ) that struck their interest and suddenly it resurfaces because they responded to it. I have one that was thought dead for over 2 years and just a couple days ago, it came back.
Seems this forum is pretty tolerant regarding thread resurrection. Some forums get pretty snippy if you drag up anything more than 6 months old....they prefer you just start a new thread and let it run its course.