What ematches / initiators / augmentation do you use to light your motors.

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Aug 13, 2014
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Cross posted from propulsion section, please reply there:
I am starting a research / development project to make a head end ignition (HEI) closure. Eventually I would like to offer it as an item for purchase to be used under research launch rules. My overall goals are to make the unit as safe as possible, to make it easy to use/rebuild and to make it as versatile as possible. To make it as safe as possible I plan to design the closure with a built in circuit with a shunt and electrostatic discharge protection. I am also considering a fuse element that would blow in the case of a faulty wire or altimeter putting current through the shunt. In order to make the closure as versatile as possible I want to verify it can be safely used with a wide range of ignition methods. I plan to test as many of these as possible with and without my closure, shunted and not, to determine the sensitivity to electrostatic discharge.

I am looking to compile a list of the types of ignition sources and augmentation people use so that I can perform these tests. I will compile the list in the second post of this thread, please check the list before posting a new method to avoid duplication. Also please highlight if your posting a new method so that I can separate that from the rest of the discussion this thread may generate. If something about your ignition method would fall under rules for research discussions, such as specific chemical mixes, please send those in a message.


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May 8, 2020
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Oahu, Hawaii
Side question, how difficult is it to get product liability for specialty HPR component manufacturing and selling? Is this a non-issue?