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Jan 18, 2009
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When you go to the launch site to fly...
What does your "camp" look like? Do you have a box, or the trunk of your car? Do you have to use a tractor trailer?

It doesn't matter if your out with the kids at the park...
or at the "club" launch site with the big guys...!!!

I'll start.....

This is my setup, plus my Super Pad is up on the hill next to High Power C. I fit everything in my 97 Dodge Stratus.
haha yep, Doug cons everyone into the launch into bringing his stuff up and down for him.

I work out of the back of my dad's van, great place to work, not as easy to loose stuff

mine is a bunch of rockets lying on the ground, a range box, 3 or 4 launchpads and launchers, maybe my camera, and a big box...

maybe i can buy half of new york to use it as a launch site... *rambles off in plans of domination*
Originally posted by Ryan S.
Doug cons everyone into the launch into bringing his stuff up and down for him.

Its interesting... many people help because they want to watch to see how I fit all of that in my car ;)

People like to help each other out at these launches :).


Especially with short green grass like that...???

My "camp" is out of a cardboard box. But I am truely working out of my house. I can just run in and get something if I need it.

Cheating... I know.

You have a really nice (and organized) set up.
I like it!
I haven't got a pic but its pretty much just a range box , rockets , ammo-box, pads and controllers lying on the floor :rolleyes: I must think of a way to hold all of that together.
I just got a shade tent and then we have some big boxes for rockets. We have a huge fishing tackle box for the goodiesand a parachute box. We usually bring along some chairs and a table. I'm like the rest of you. The field is sometimes mown but is mostly around knee deep.
No Pic,

But my typical 'launch day' preparations include:

Deciding what rockets to bring!
Packing 'rocket launch box': ensuring engines appropriate for the rockets chosen, igniters, masking tape, wadding, launch stand, launch rods, launcher, and a fresh charged battery (no whimpy 'AA' batteries!)
feild requirements - munchies and drinks
Camera, film & case

All this fits into an 'oversized' milk crate. teh rockest mostly fit along side, but sometiems trabvel in their own box.

folding chairs live in the trunk anyways...

And a call to the neice & nephew before heading out the door!