What do ya think of this launcher Base!

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Micro Craftman/ClusterNut
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Jan 18, 2009
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Washington DC
Not quite compete...but all scratch built..model and launcher base. Still need to make the flag, paint the worm camo, apply the model decals, and make the 1/2 size decals for the tower and sign but it could fly as is:D
Micro-Der Red Max strikes again:)
Isn't that an Iraqi mobile Scud missile launcher?? :D

Great work Micromister...

Oh! model and launcher, not Mobile Launcher...still kidding though.

As I retire my rockets, I would like to do something like this, like the Estes Outlander on a mock-up of the Mars surface or something...most of my retirees end up collecting dust in the shop :(
Fly em till they fly away or into dust Johnnie! I'm lucky I have a Model Rocket Shed... 10x12x10 feet it's full! That's one of the reasons I've been building Micro-Maxx Takes less space:D
I don't build diorama's to sit around gathering dust, this DRM tower "base" is a working Micro-maxx launcher. That black pole is a launch rod the red safety cap comes off, and the "crane boom loop cable" retracts. if it doesn't do something it's just a dust collector:D
Here's whats under all that grass and dirt...epoxy and foam:)
It was a lot of fun to build..I can wait to get it out and launch from it.. hopefully a the March 13 sport launch & Kate-2 section meet.. if you haven't heard the Night launch for that evening has been cancelled Drat!!

Astroboy is also in the process of building a launcher/diorama for a Camo DRM in the Standard size. He had some other committments this weekend, but should be posting some construction pics in the other DRM thread soon. should be really KEWL to see both sizes in color:D
whoa that thing is awesome!!!!....I really love how you have the vent tube to send gasses away from the pad....very nice
a whole new project for our elementary school rocket club.... working historical diaramas....

history, modelling AND rocketry...

This is too cool!
While building up the "ground level" is easy with a little styrofoam ya have to have some kind of a hard shell over it to take the products of combustion, smoke and heat from the motors. for micro's the 1/8" thick alum wall tube with a sliver of 22 gage Stainless steel epoxied inside the tube directly below the exhaust hole should let this system launch many models. The hard shell is a mixture of 30 minute epoxy, micro bubbles and Balsa dust and chips, once cured the hard shell is dampened with a little water and sprinkled with a mixture of Plaster, Concerte coloring powder and Balsa debris. set in place with a matte artist material called "Matte Medium" it's a very thick water based clear that is dripped over the entirre surface the water sets the plaster and binds the "ground clutter" permanently.
Here's construction pic combo page of the "hardshell" before and after texturing, hope it's not to small. Note the chips and junk imbedded to break up the smoothness of the surface.

El Chubbo
What a wonderful idea for the students! History that moves as well as moves ya:D
but here's a 2 pic of the Micro Der REd Max launcher Diorama, outdoors just prior to MM 234b Summer Camouflage DRM's first flight. I was told is was a very good flight which I missed of coarse trying to catch the pic from just below the pad....Drat! after inspection, no damage to either the model or pad. Very happy with the effect the exhaust tunnel under the motor worked perfectly:D
Originally posted by Micromister
This thing has been a blast to build!
Heres the completed models and launcher base.

that may be the coolest rocketry related thing i have ever seen!