What Did You Get With Your 50% Off Coupons at Michaels?

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Dec 29, 2003
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I got a Meteor Masher, Guardian, and a pack of D12-5s. I picked the kits mainly for the parts array. Rocketry section was pretty picked over--no blast off flight pack to be found. I guess this is a good thing.

I love the holidays!

I grabbed a blast off pack! The Michaels I go to finally got D12-5s. For the longest time they only carried C11-3s. Wish they'd get a few more types of kits.
Mine doesn't sell rocketry items, so I got a package of the Krylon Mystique Silver/Green. (Mystique is the kit that gives you a paint job that changes colors depending on which way you look at it.)

I wanted to get the airbrush, but my Better Half wasn't too keen on it...

Blast off pack of course! My local Michael's didn't pick up the coupon and said I was allowed to purchase more items at 50% off if I wanted too! Unfortunately I didn't have enough money :(
Originally posted by wwattles
...I wanted to get the airbrush, but my Better Half wasn't too keen on it...

Oh mine saw me using it today and demanded to know why I did not get one sooner. Little or no overspray, no smell, no 300 various colored paint cans in the garage. no fluoresent yellow on the garage floor.

She can even see the advantage to the compressor...

1-d12-5 pack

1-c6-5 pack

1-b4-4 pack

1- 2 part 5 minute epoxy tube
-1x Big Daddy for $6! it was discounted @ 50% and i used my coupon on it...
-1x A10-3t
-1pk of #11 exacto blades
-some wood glu

the michaels here only lets you get one item per coupon, per coustomer... so the Daddy was the only thing i could get. i didn't need a blastoff pack, tho thats what i usually get..... i still have some left over from the last one! (i havn't launched enough this summer;))

btw... what should i do to the big Daddy, i can't build it stock, maby 1x24, 4x 18??.. idn