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Did you ever fly this?

Finished painting and decals on the Estes Centuri kit. It will fly next winter.

Originally a single stage with 18mm, I was able to build it as a two stage 24mm booster to 18mm sustainer. The booster is painted red for easier tracking since I mainly fly in winter (snow). Sustainer body has been lengthened from the original design.

E12 to C6 staging sims 2400’ @ 510kmh

Along with my wife, helped set up the range for the American Rocketry Challenge Finals which due to a truly unflyable forecast (ceilings <400 feet all day Saturday) are moved to Sunday for the first time in 20 years.
First Sunday tARC finals is in the books and we’re back at our room in Warrenton. The overcast never burned off but the winds were very light all day. All in all pretty nice flying conditions for this site this time of year.

Next year on May 17th (weather permitting).
Yesterday Sharon and I registered for Airfest and I noticed that they will allow sparkies this year.
I hadn't noticed that. Unfortunately, all the sparkies are launched from an away pad, regardless of motor size. I've got some motors (SU and reloads) I'll be bringing.
Centering ring work on my Estes PSII Nike Smoke. It's already got Soller Composites fiberglass sleeve and fin halves are glued together. (I need to post in my build thread.)
From Saturday. When I got to our launch site nobody was there. I didn't get an email saying it was scrubbed. Turned around and headed home. About 5 minutes later I realized they went to our away site. The last email I saw about that I thought Delamar was cancelled. I was wrong. I wouldn't have gone to Delamar anyway. It's about a 4 hour drive for me. The first time I went my wife came with me. We rented a motorhome and were planning on staying for the three days. The road from the pavement to the dry lake is rock strewn and sometimes a white knuckle drive. When we got there it was cold and the wind was howling. Same thing Saturday. We left about noon. The second time I went there it was just me. It was too windy to fly again. On the way back to the pavement I hit a rock hiding in the dirt and blew out my right front $300 tire. It was a long struggle to get the donut on and a stressful ride home. I'm not going back. I had planned on flying the rockets I had ready to fly when I got home. But my wife wasn't up for it. Hopefully I'll get hem up later this week.
I hadn't noticed that. Unfortunately, all the sparkies are launched from an away pad, regardless of motor size. I've got some motors (SU and reloads) I'll be bringing.
The first year we went to Airfest I brought an Estes Executioner with a G80 Skidmark in it. Walked out to the 60's pads and loaded it and walked back. Couldn't even see it out there. Launched, lost and spent half a day looking for it. Lesson learned.
Nothing yesterday, after refining sims for the 4" Iris on Saturday. I've got two not too big things I want to get done for NYPOWER (less than a week away) and a big one for LDRS (less than three weeks away) so I'll have to shut the world out from after work until bed time every day for a while.
I'm the king of half finished projects but had a really good day today (it being a holiday here in Canada).

One project is a BT-80 upscale of DRM. I was sure I cut TTW fins for it last year, but couldn't find them anywhere. Looked for months and gave up. Today I gave in and cut new ones, and less than two hours later found the ones I already made. Guess I'll make a BT-80 Goblin too.

I also cut the slots in the tube for the fins and cut the tube to length. Primed the nosecone for the 4" R2D2 upscale and gave the Imperial R4 droid nosecone a couple coats of copper paint that looks amazing. Later I'll mask off parts I want to stay copper and paint it black. I primed the one side of the legs for it too, then ran out of primer.

Got the drill press circle cutter dialed in for perfect OD BT-50 holes, working on getting 4" and 3" ID disks so I can make all kinds of centering rings for projects not yet started.
I've never had either an E12 or an E9 blow up. I've had a few E9s blow their nozzles out and burn away harmlessly on the pad, and that would only mean that the rock could be smaller.
Great weekend of launching at the Bong. Got my Level 2 cert with the LOC Nike Zeus on a J-250. A pal took a video of the launch but it was a little too blurry to post. I'm hoping someone else that was there has one they can send me.
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Congrats on the L2 :cool: