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Stopped at the local Hobby Town. Picked up some thin CA and hardener, plus some Evergreen plastic tubing. Size 224 can be tapped #4-40 to make insulated standoffs. 225 slides over the threads.
Some RCS 24mm casting tubes and liners. Oddly, though you can order the casting tubes in 29.9" lengths, the liners only come in 2.2" lengths. Hmmm.

EDIT: I also renewed my Tripoli membership for another year.
I have an infrared thermometer on the way, to see which fuel compositions run hot or cold. I don't know if it will work on such tiny motors, though. Perhaps I should get some thermocouple wire, but I don't know which wire could handle aluminum-melting temps and have a low mass so it would respond quickly. I have something that can probably read it, but it might be worth getting something more convenient.
My order from Mach 1 rocketry arrived. BT50 Patriot and, because I like a challenge, a BT20 min. dia. Exciter kit. Purchased the build/fin guides too. These will be my first fiberglass builds and my first min. dia. build, Looking forward to it!

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