What commercial launch control systems are out there?

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Sep 12, 2002
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Maybe this is not strictly HPR, but who sells a good and reasonably priced launch control system? One that is capable of delivering good amperage and 12 volts at the pads? Would need at least 8 channels available, mainly for ignition of high power rockets...
I suggest you check out St. Joseph Industries Electronic Ignition Controller. The basic unit has 6 positions but they are working on a prototype to handle 24. They also make relays to put the power at the pads. I think their controller is one of the best I have seen for sale.
Most of the systems mentioned are for MR or single pad application for HPR.

For a commercially available multipad HPR controller the only one I know of is the Transolve unit. Vaughn Bros. used to make one but I believe they are no longer available.

Be prepared to spend $600 plus for a good and reliable launch system.

To save money, one can be built for less but will require somebody to commit a good bit of time.


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