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The Bletchley Circle is fantastic. The storyline is well done and the writing is good. All of the actresses did a fantastic job in their roles and made the series. Sophie Rundle is awesome in her role (she also is amazing in Gentleman Jack) Well worth the time to watch.
We started our Apple TV binge ...
There are too many streaming services these days! Too bad a single company couldn't gather them all together under one subscription so you would only have to pay for one.

Does anybody switch services occasionally? I've been thinking about subscribing to one, binge-watching all the past series I'm interested in, then cancel that subscription and switch to another service.

What I'm watching... I just finished all of the various Stargate series and movies. I just read the original H.G. Wells "The War of the Worlds" book and I've started watching the recent British 3-part miniseries. For some reason I have an interest in re-watching the "China Beach" series but it isn't available on any streaming service. Otherwise I'm browsing Tubi, Freebie and Pluto for interesting stuff.
Watched all 8 seasons of "Game of Thrones". Not as a binge, and episode or two per nite. Then on to "House of Dragons". Right now, I'm trying to get caught up on footy - the Carlton Blues are beating up on the Sidney Swans (end of 3rd term - last nite's game). Glad the internet came back on!
Last night: Madame Web on Netflix.
Verdict: Not great, but not terrible.
(Was curious because of all the bad reviews during its' theatre run).
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Last night.
Atlas on Netflix.
"OK, let's go, bitch".
Perhaps an homage to Ripley and her mecha loader?
We watched it last night also. Not too bad, better than what the internet said.
Tonight we're watching "Happiness for Beginners". My daughter said it was one of her favorite movies and we should watch it so we're giving it a try. I've done a lot of long backpacking trips so I know what it's supposed to be like. Taking that group on a long backpacking trip would be a horror show.