What are you drinking right now?

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Chocolate flavoured iced cappuccino.

I‘m the reason baristas create all those crazy flavors.

More. More! MORE!!!

DP said this time around the Strawberries and Cream flavored Dr Pepper was here to stay.
But I am not holding my breath to see how long it stays around this time .

But it does go good with a Warm Thomas Blueberry Bagel ;)

good cold glass of milk with ice cubes in it. The colder the milk the better it is
Just half to drink the milk before the ice melts and waters down the milk
funny you mentioned that as just yesterday I was thinking I wanted to be able to test the temperature of the milk with my digital thermometer to see exactly how cold the milk was, as I am the same way, so now that you mentioned putting ice in the glass, I'll try that tomorrow morning. 👍