What are you drinking right now?

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Apr 2, 2019
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Aeropressed coffee with foamed vanilla flavored creamer

Any other 'pressers or pourover-ers in here?
Depends on the coffee. The daily morning grind is still a drip. A really good cup of fine coffee, I DO use an aeropress. and sometimes...the old percolator over a fire is still amazing too.

Drinking? right now? Dihydrogen Monoxide and some BRCC space bear.

Sooner Boomer

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Mar 21, 2011
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Brewed Tea:

fill a 3 quart pot 1/2 full of water. Put on burner set to HIGH (at this point, I start a 5 minute timer)

prep 2 Cain's 1 quart tea bags, plus one "Constant Comment" Bigalow tea bag

when timer goes off, or when water in pot reaches boil, remove the pot from the burner (turn it off!), place the three tea bags in the pot, cover, and set on a cold burner (not the hot one you just took it off of)

allow tea to steep at least 30 minutes (or as long as overnight)

remove tea bags from steeped tea (do not wring them out)

to a 2 quart pitcher, add sweetner (I find one cup of sugar or sweetner works well)

pour brewed tea into pitcher with sweetner

add water to make it 2 quarts

stir gently to dissolve sugar/sweetner

serve over ice and enjoy!


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Dec 1, 2021
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Green Mountain Nantucket Blend,,and I never been to Nantucket. You can keep your 90wt trash pump Starbucks boiled dirt,,and I live here. Never had a worse cup of coffee,,,,,,it's trucker mud.

Churchhill Downs sweet tea is the best ever tasted. Dear mom was a Kentucky tobacco farmers daughter. If you want good sweet tea,,you go to Kentucky for proper sun brewed, or bring it back with you. Not too much sweet and not too much tea,,always just right. I mix it with a shot of raspberry juice and drop of Appalachian firewater occasionally,,for a Slo-T. Not a beer or booze fan,,never have been really,,but once in awhile after the hot sun goes down, we will sip carefully.
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Nov 6, 2012
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NE Indiana
Bourbon - Kirkland, on the rocks.

I picked this up at Costco this afternoon. $30 for a 1 liter bottle. Very smooth, somewhat sweet bourbon. The label says it was bottled in Tennessee, but doesn't say who produced it. I like it.