What are you drinking right now?

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May 7, 2017
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Murray, KY
And before condemning the sot who is drinking beer at 9am...remember, your 9am may not be his (or hers). :)

As for me, I'm finishing my second cup of Kroger brand Colombian coffee. Twice as much cream (well, half & half) as any normal person would add. Freshly ground beans do make a slightly better coffee, but it's not better enough (for my taste) to go through the trouble.

Best -- Terry
I never really got the hang of coffee, so I'm a tea guy. Just finished a cup of cardamom black tea. You know it's going to be good stuff when there's more Arabic text on the box than English.

[edit] Adding a clarification. It's black tea, but with milk.
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Water with my lunch at work.

More colorfully though, I had a can of mead from Groenfell Meadery with dinner last night. Good stuff. I highly recommend their "Old Wayfarer" variety.
Now I'm drinking Crystal Light Classic Orange. The first and only orange soft drink I've found that doesn't taste like orange candy. It actually tastes reasonably close to orange juice. I'd drink orange juice instead, if I could, but the blood sugar can't stand that much simple carbohydrate. (I save my carb binges for really good stuff, like cheesecake...)

Finding Classic Orange is getting very difficult. Apparently a lot of people think much the same as I do about it. Had to buy the last boxes from eBay, none in Walmart or Kroger...

Best -- Terry
It was tea this morning, then water during our four mile walk with the dogs, then Diet Mountain Dew, and now back to hot Tetley Black Tea.
Water with black cherry flavoring. I had to give up my MtDew or my Dr was gonna tell my mom on me and I don't wanna get grounded.
Usually have 1 coffee in the morning, 1 for lunch, and in the evening, unusually these days, low-cal Gatorade because they were on sale and I bought a ton. Love it but usually too expensive to be a daily thing so hey I’m living the life while I can.
Earl Grey Tea, this morning (Davidson's. I've stopped using tea bags).
RIght now, some carbonated water from a tap on the kegerator.
This evening? So many choices, maybe a Bavarian Hefeweizen from the kegerator.
Well, only saw this thread after 9pm, so it's this for me for now:

In the morning, it's one of the following two choices, depending on how quickly I need to start paying attention:
I remember looking forward to visiting my grandmother’s house because she always let me drink tea with cream and sugar.

She was of Scottish and Irish ancestry (Cunningham and Graney respectively).
This morning, three organic Arabica coffees. Followed by a concoction of ginger, garlic, lemon juice, turmeric and warm water. Boosts the immune system.
Now, a beer. Electricity has been off for a couple of hours and I wanted to see if it was still cold...;)
Thinking about getting a Stoneleigh Savignon Blanc wine from the fridge. Just stuck in a meeting for now.

FYI it has been said that any Sav Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand is good. I have to agree.
Mountain Thunder Kona, black. I’m sharing a pot with Riley, my father in law. Sharon stopped drinking coffee a couple of years ago. I save the Death wish for driving early in the morning, absolutely prevents drowsiness.