what a great rocket day today was!

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Jun 6, 2004
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wow, i sure had a great morning. dropped the baby off with my mom, picked up my dad and second cousin and headed for launching. almost no wind and clear blue skies. a perfect day to test my cluster for the first time and try out some other scratch builds. it was such a pleasure to have my 7 year ols second cousin with me today. he told me he had the best day in his life, ahhhh. :) :) :)
here are some of the rockets we launched today:
here is my pop showing max his big guns. one is a bashed patriot and one is a bashed cc express:
here is max getting ready to launch for the first time. nothing better than a 7 year old saying, "we got continuity"!
..and here is that launch. it is just a small scratch build on a c6-5. thing went out of site, of course....
then a renegade on a c6-0 and c6-5, beautiful flight! the renegade booster stage had been modified:
and here is the renegade launch. i would also like to add that i'm also loving my new pad. i had the estes little low to the ground thingy. for about 5 bucks i built this one thanks to TRF!
and the moment i've been waiting for, my first cluster. decided to be patient and just go with 3 b6-4's. i figure this is close to a D? it is pretty light and oh so pretty, didn't want to take any chances. usein a 12" mylar rockethead chute. it wa a great flight!!! went up about 300' feet is all, but loved avery second. gonna do C's next time...
now everyone says they like pictures, so i'm gonna continue....

this is ax getting ready to launch another:
max by my bashed blue ninja. don't worry, it's not armed!
flew this on a d12! went way way way up! nice and straight!

Looks like a great day... 3 Generations of Rocket guys...Can't beat that. Very Cool. The Video of the cluster launch was great as were the stills.

take care

Now, what would you be willing to pay to put a smile like that on a kid's face?

Sounds like you had a really great day of launching---congrats!
Looks like you had a fantasic time, cheers for shareing the photos. :D

I like the sticker on your range box! ;) (picture #1) ;)
i knew you would notice that! the bag behind it is a shelleys' london bag, for carrying albums.

thanks for all the great comments people!

such a great community here on TRF!
LOL - that was the first thing I noticed to! The other pics were good too!
Also another congrats , looks like you had a realy good time!:)
Great pictures!!! Nothin' beats having the family there to share the experience. Your cluster looks very similar to the Fliskits Preator. Was that your inspiration? Again, very nice, thanx for sharing.
no, but i do see the similarities. i can't wait to buy that kit! i wish my local hobby stores carried Fliskits! haven't done much online shopping yet, just my chutes. does jim have any hobby stores that stock his kits? maybe if so, i could talk to my 2 stores into carring his stuff.
Originally posted by radiO
haven't done much online shopping yet
I have to do all my rocketry shopping online. Rockets in hobby shops, over here; are about as rare as Secret Affair 7"s in record stores, over there! ;) (with the exception of the odd starter kit).

I've had nothing but good experiances buying rocketry stuff online, from the States or the UK. ALL the vendors I've delt with have been very helpful and friendly. Jim is no exception, so you can order with confidence from him!

However .... I don't think he'd mind you getting a local store to stock his kits. It gets another name out there, on the shelves, and lets people know theres more than just Estes & Quest.