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Dec 1, 2003
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Had a wonderfull Christmas and today was also very event filled. As good as yesterday was, today got my heart racing beyond anything I could have imagined.

Headed off too Wal-mart, to perhaps get some rocket motors and paint.

Event number 1 - local walmart informed me that rockets in my county are against the law, to have, use or anything to do with them. Now I have to tell you, this got me down a little, so headed over to the paint department ranting about stupid laws.

Event number 2 - announcement over pa system - please evacuate the store in an orderly manner. Bomb threat recieved. For the next half hour everyone was caught in the parking lot of walmart, not being allowed to leave by order of the local police/fire departments.

Yep been a very exciting morning and I still need to get paint so guess I will head on over to OSH in awhile. :)

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