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Muwhahahaha what the f***. I saw that same kit years ago at Hobby Lobby for $14.99. Shroom people aren't even that stupid. Even old HK firearms that collectors value rather dearly for that made in Germany stamp don't appreciate in value that fast.
These prices are from bots, they automatically watch items they sell and when the supply drops site wide they increase their prices. My buddy bough a roll of stickers that said Caution, unscrew this bung slowly for 49c, next week the same seller had it for $45.
I'm pretty sure that when this happens, the seller forgets to include the decimal point. Probably intended $17.99. People don't proofread their work any more in the age of texting and IMs, so the ad goes up and the person spends time wondering why no one is buying.
Agreed. But none of the rest of them is over a grand.

True, but it pretty much proves he’s pricing with a bot and that means crazy anomalies are possible. I’ve seen other (non rocket related) ridiculous prices on Amazon that also seem to stem from bot pricing.
Yeah, Amazon is going the way Ebay was a decade ago.. Deals are becoming harder & harder to find, let alone "from amazon" or a respectable seller..