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Dec 22, 2003
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Can anyone tell me if high humidity will lessen the bond with West Epoxy? I will be working in a garage with some heat but it is suposed to rain for the next few days here, I want to lay some kevlar fabric but I am not sure if the moisture in the air will affect it's strength.
Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving all!
Humidity will have no effect on the west epoxy.

But the temperature will only slow the cure process.

If it's too cold it won't flow thin enough and probably won't "wet out" the cloth very well.

Heat the epoxy...but not much, up to room temperature only!

I have probably used well over 400 gallons of West epoxy in the past 15 years.
yep cold does affect the epoxy
make sure you wear old clothes, or an apron, once that stuff sets, its never coming off
Most epoxy cure time is heavily influenced by temperature, especially cold. Don't worry about the humidity.

On the other hand, do worry about what you are wearing when you're working with it. Apron, latex gloves, safety glasses, etc. Most epoxies are not skin friendly.

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Originally posted by stymye
not latex gloves tho, use something else,
Nitrile glove will cause less reactions to sensitive skin.
Oops. My mistake. I forgot that Latex is only useful for fibreglass resin and for keeping gunk out from under your fingernails. Stones is right, Nitrile is your best bet for epoxies. Latex is still better than nothing for protecting your hands.

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Thanks !!

I have an old tyvek suit from when I used to paint cars that I use no sense in destroying good clothes