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Jan 18, 2009
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to A.I.R.Fest in Argonia over labor day weekend? I may be going, maybe not. Hope to get another kit before then, and have it ready. Been anticipating this all year.

Actually, yes.
A buddy and I are taking his son, and either his daughter or my nephew.
His mom grew up about 35 miles straight east of Argonia, just east of Oxford, and he was born in Winfield and we never even knew about AIRFest until it was on the Discovery Channel last year.
We are planning on being there Saturday, at the BBQ/swim party Saturday evening, and maybe on Sunday some more.
AIRfest was on DC? I thought it was just LDRS. Anyways, I'm still arranging to go! :(

If I go, i might camp, or might stay in Anthony or whatever. I'll be at the BBQ/swim party if I go, and maybe even be there for the EX day.
I was going to be going, but I have to go to a wedding that weekend. I might try to have someone kidnap me from the hotel to go to the wedding.

EDIT: I meant launch, not wedding, who would want to go to a wedding?
Well, I just confirmed that I am going unless something comes up. With any luck, I'll have some more rockets done by labor day...