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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Ken Allen from performance hobbies called me today, just wanted to make sure he called me back. I said he did... and I had him put a bunch of H128s aside for me... he then remembered... so we gotta chatting... and he mentioned that he has some G75;s coming in...



I added that to my order...

I too am quite a fan of the G75. I recently got some from Commonwealth. Although, I had to pay a $20 hazmat fee; all the more reason to buy a couple of them instead of one or two. I flew one at my club's March launch in my 3" BSD Horizon, very impressive.
I have 2 G75s in my motor box just waiting till the next launch.
Can't wait:p
Great news! I have three G75's sitting in an ammo can right now. I have not launched one yet, but I love blackjacks, so I hope this one will not dissapoint :)
great motor, I have only flown one but it was a good time.
yes it is an LEUP motor
155 ns fits the 29/180 case
I want to say it is 65 gram propellant weight but don't quote me on that.


Hmm, I actually didn't need a LEUP to purchase G75's, just paid hazmat shipping. BTW, it actually has 105 grams of propellant, pretty heavy for a G.
this is cool, if I fly my MI on 3 Pro smokey motors maybe I will stick two of these in the 29mm mounts. sooo much smoke!
My dad plans to pick up a few of these for his NCR Big Brute, should replicate the good 'ole Darkstars