weekend's launch report (long and detailed)

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Sep 20, 2009
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hi been awhile since i posted (had to re-register). thought i would share this weekend's launch; we had a high power launch scheduled but was cancelled due to wet field; i have a nice although somewhat small area near my place that is ok for mid power if the winds are not too strong (1/4 mile by 1/4 mile area). wish i had pics as these were mostly very nice launches

Friday afternoon: light winds 2 - 3 mph.
Stormcaster on a D12-5. I modified the body for a payload bay and send it up with an altimeter. altimeter indicates 461 feet; why so much lower than rocksim prediction for this motor? consistent straight predictable flight.

Big Bertha: i had a very old 18mm D size RMS; i know i should have just emptied the content but i thought i would try to use it. anyway, the motor cato'd and destroyed my 6 year old Big Bertha. Good thing i have another one ready to build (with a 24m mount and altimeter bay).

Big Daddy: D12-5 always a great flight with this one. a real crowd pleaser.

Saturday. light winds around 3 mph.
Two launches with the Aerotech Initiator. Used a F24-4 RMS motor. straight up and about a 200 feet walk to recovery. about as nice a launch as you could hope for.

Estes Stormcaster on an Estes D12-5. the altimeter beeped out 488 feet. this is way below the rocksim prediction for this rocket but it is fairly consistent with previous readings. one of my favorite rockets.

Final launch of the day was Big Daddy on a D12-5. This is always a nice straight flight with minimal walking to retrieve.

Sunday: South winds at 8 mph
Aerotech Arreaux on a E23-5 RMS; very beautiful flight. i love this rocket. sent it up with an altimeter. the altimeter beeped out 455 feet. that looked about right. due to the wind, had to walk about 300 - 400 feet to retreive. nice slow descent.

Aerotech Cheetah: launched with a D15-4 RMS. nice flight; estimate around 400 feet. little bit of a bonus delay but all worked out ok. could probably use an E motor for this field even with 8 - 10 mph winds.

LOC Lil Nuke: use a F12-5. this was by far the best launch of the day. nice black smoke and i estimate around 900+ feet. beautiful. did have to walk to the other end of the field to retrieve (1/4 mile) but i need the exercise.

My wife took a few pics but nothing in the air - mostly just prep or retrieval.
ok, your turn to post up your weekends flights.


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