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Dec 31, 2002
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...at least those of you that build web sites. I am trying to start a web site, and need some ideas as to what programs are good to build web pages on so I may upload to my future new site. I will also need to get a good reccomendation on where to find a good FTP download. Can you all reccommend some good builders and FTP programs?-Thanks

Im no expert at making web pages, but if I can do it anybody can. First off see if your ISP has image stroage (Hosting) ,I currently have 250MB of online storage space. Most ISPs have built in FTP functions that work with Internet Explorer so no extra software is needed. As for making web pages if you have microsoft office with Word & Front Page you really dont need additional software. You can make a page in Word, then edit it and save it in Front Page where it will convert it into an htm file. Then you only need to open your front page document and load that up as your web page. just make sure all your photos/table,etc point to your online storage address "https://mystorage/myfolder" etc. This doesnt cover everything, but it should get you started in the right direction.
Good Luck

"Uncle" Mike

There are tons of different programs out there for creating web content, from Frontpage previously mentioned to Dreamweaver to your basic html editor. I have been doing websites by hand myself for over 12 years now and I just use Notepad; once you learn it, it becomes second nature.

HTML is nothing but text with "tags" in front and back to start and stop that section. There are some very good tutors online for making pages and you should try searching for one. Also, you can search for tons of free gifs for backgrounds, bars, buttons etc... or try to find a good graphics program for making your own bars, buttons resizing pics and such. I recommend Paintshop Pro...easy to use and very versital.

Mike made a good note that for FTP you can just use your browser. I prefer CuteFTP myself, but have used regular Windows Explorer in a pinch as it is also integrated with the web. What I recommend most though is to visit sites you like and take a look at the html for their pages. Just right click on the page and view source...it's a good way to see what actually makes them work. I have a couple you could use that are mine:



Good luck on your build and keep us up to date!:)

WS_FTP is good. I've attempted to use it for my own webpage, but I cna't figure out how to switch it. Earthlink doesn't give enough help. Other than that, it is easy and simple to use.
As far as where to host you site or FTP's Im not real sure I don't deal with them much.
As CTulanko stated HTML in NOTEPAD is probably the most
?hands on? and if you really know your stuff you can get some nice custom jobs without having to deal with software limitations.
But if you want a good program to make pages with... Macromedia Fireworks is my favorite till this day. It gives you almost endless options and If you know how to use Word,excel, or pretty much any such program for that matter..you already know how to use MOST of MMF. There is a bit of a learning curve to it if you get REALLY involved.
Downside is I think its a pretty expensive program..atleast is was when I bought it. But it has more than paid for itself.

I like notetab, and ws_ftp. I also use paintshop pro for graphics manipulation.
I use Wordpad for my site, but it isn't a glowing example. However it works (most of the time). I have managed to use frames, imagemaps, and javascript, but also have forgotten a lot when I don't use something.

I just started playing with Frontpage. It makes most things a lot easier but I have found it hard to do a few simple ones. The capability is most likely there, I just haven't come up to speed yet.
There is a substansial difference in type of webpage you wish to create and program to do it. IF you want to learn HTML and all the other facets of web design, then you'd be better off going with a program like DreamWeaver, or FrontPage.

However, if you wish to spend less time coding, and more time building, I'd highly recommend a WYSIWYG editor.

Thats " What You See Is What You Get"..essentiually, all you do is type in your text, add your graphics, logos, pics, files and voila, instant website.

I excluseively use Trellix for Web Professional Publish Anywhere Edition, which though no longer supported was the best program of its kind available. Now, Cute Site Builder has replaced it and though its very similar to Trellix, it has been improved in many ways.

Trellix and Tripod uses FTP to upload the site/make changes etc.

So, here are my 2 current web sites, all hosted at Tripod - which is free, I get 20 meg space and they have been wonderful to me.

IF you need more space, then obviously your own ISP might be able to help, or you can pay a site like Tripod and get zero adds etc. The choice is wide and varied for web site hosting/packages etc.

My Classic Golf Course architecture site is packed with images on classic golf holes and is only 14 meg in size, so there is plenty of room for more content.


On the flip side, my Rocketry site for Scale designs is 6 meg:


Well guys, I'm not much for writing code...I'm from the point and click generation.

I was palying around with Publisher (2003 version), and they seem to have lots of options. When I get it right, on what ever I choose to do, it should look jammin.

There have been some great ideas posted here, that I can't wait for my domain to become active, so I can get busy...
I use NotePad. And yes, once you learn HTML (which is easy), it becomes second nature.
Netfirms offers 25 mg of free space. I then use Bulletproof client to upload.
I to use just Note Pad to create my site. I use Photoshop for my pictures. I also have used Corel products like Draw and PhotoPaint.

For $20, go to Barnes and Noble. Get yourself the Virtual Quickstart Guide on Html. I don't have my copy on hand, but I must say that it was my favorite book on the subject. I also like "Sams Teach Yourself HTML in 24 Hours." Another great book.

Problem with Frontpage, and other like programs is they put a bunch of garbage in the code... garbage is not good.
The best package is Macromedia Dreamweaver. Go to the Macromedia site and download the free trial.
It works for with both ways of creating a site. HTML code, and the easier method WYSIWYG.
It contains its own FTP uploader and it will keep close tabs on how your site works.

PM me for more details

hokkyokusei ET AL,

I have briefly run thru the site that hokkyokusei has lnked to, and I have questions:

How does the code know where to get the pics that are loaded on sites? n3tjm, I went to your site and looked at your source code, snd I can see the pic desription, but how did it get there?

I understand also that you tell your page via code to refer to an image to make your nice looking buttons, but there again, what code goes and retrieves the image?

I have played a little with front page today, and put in a few buttons, and a title page, and when I click over to view the <html>... :confused: I have to say what is this mess of tags all over the place???

If it is as easy as everyone says that it is, then I will learn it. I have been viewing source codes on all of my favorite pages, and I am just <html> <b> "dumb founded" </b> </html>
"holy html tags Bat Man..." That bold I typed in at the end of my post was to be a joking stab at code writing, and by golly when I hit the send reply button, it turned into <html> <b> bold </B> <html>...I just did it again

Now about those pics...?
If you get into creating photos or editing photos for your web site heres a link to a FREE. But professional developement program...its probably the best program i have ever used...with almost endless possibilities.

I got an email today saying that my domain is indeed active now, allbeit an index page with parent directories...but that means I gotta get busy and learn me some code bustin.
First page 2000 (a free download) is great for writing and learning HTML, you can actually view your page as you write it.and has a ton of prewritten HTML code as well as Java, Java script and pearl.
If you prefer WYSIWYG Netobjects Fusion is another good choice.
I do very much like Bulletproof FTP for all my uploading.
I use Namo (no, not Lamo :D ) Web Editor 5.5 - they are now at version 6. Nice WYSIWYG setup, produces standard HTML, lots of templates, and a very easy-to-use site manager.

You can pick up a copy for about $80.00 or download it off the Net. It sure saved me loads of time setting up my personal site.
Personally, I use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 for all my webdesign work, along with a little Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Pro for animations, interactive games, etc.
I use Adobe Photoshop CS for image manipulation.

Don't be scared away by Dreamweaver's immediate look of complexity - it doesn't take long to get the hang of it. I'm only 15 as well.

You can see our rocket group's website, New Zealand Experimental, here (www.nzex.tk). This was created with Dreamweaver, and this was when I actually didn't have much experience using it. I'm considering doing a redesign sometime soon.

When i'm not using Dreamweaver's built-in FTP tool, my weapon of choice is FlashFXP - it does everything FTP & FXP file transfers, and is a very popular choice in the professional community.

For anyone interested, Photoshop is really useful; especially for rocketry-type image enhancement. What used to be faint mach diamonds, can be turned into glowing standout diamonds to illustrate the mach diamond effect for example. I've attached a photo to show this type of enhancement :) . The motor is a H280 AP/Silicone EX motor of mine.
Originally posted by Silverleaf
There is a substansial difference in type of webpage you wish to create and program to do it. IF you want to learn HTML and all the other facets of web design, then you'd be better off going with a program like DreamWeaver, or FrontPage.

However, if you wish to spend less time coding, and more time building, I'd highly recommend a WYSIWYG editor.

Thats " What You See Is What You Get"..essentiually, all you do is type in your text, add your graphics, logos, pics, files and voila, instant website.

Eh? Dreamweaver IS a WYSIWYG editor, but it also lets you manually edit the code if you're into that sort of torture (subjective ;) ). Of course, at least the code in Dreamweaver has shading applied to help you tell the different tags apart etc. which helps alot.

In the normal design mode it's all just point and click, then type.

The only downsides about Dreamweaver are its cost (formidable :eek: ) and its firsthand look of complexity really.
Hey Johnnie,

You could try HTML Kit, a free download from www.chami.com. It also has a built in ftp client. You do have to learn to code, but if you do a Google on "web site templates" you may be able to find some free ones to mess around with. I build web sites 5 days a week and have all kinds of software at work, but I still use HTML Kit at home.
As far as your pictures, you use an image element (or tag) that indicates the "path" to the picture. If your pictures are in a folder called "images", the web browser reads the code and "looks" in the images folder for mypicture.jpg.
Going to the MC2 launch Saturday? I had planned on it but I've got Cub Scout duties instead. I'm hoping the November launch happens.
html is looking a little simpler, now that I have had a couple of days to google and research it. I am planning on heading over to Barnes & Noble to see what they have on the subject sometime during my lunch break.


I will probably miss this weekend festivities in Manchester, TN :( My wife will be in Franklin, TN with the Nashville Calligraphy Guild, and I will be finishing a deck for a my father~n~law...if it does not rain.
Thanks to all of you who gave input for ideas on web site building.

viewing the source code on my pages you will see a mess, and I can see where Doug says that Microsoft throws in alot of "code garabage" Never the less, I opted for a quick build by using Microsoft Publisher 2003.

thanks again

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