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Jan 19, 2009
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Can anyone recommend a reliable/responsive/cheap web hosting service provider?

I need to create a website for a class reunion. More accurately port the website from 5 years ago to a new web hosting provider.
I need to be able to execute php scripts, look at exif metadata with php, and allow post of image files to the site via php script. Need to be able to deal create/modify xml and apply xsl transformations via php scripts.
Might be nice it we had access to a mySql instance as well. Previously we used baseportal.com as our database, and might like to change to mqSql.

I see GoDaddy lists the Deluxe (their medium) Plan at what seems to be a too-good-to-be-true low price of $7 a month:

Any suggestions?

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I just move most of my stuff to justhost.com


got it for 70.00 for two years and unlimited everything or close
I was going to sign up one night and filled all the info in , but forgot my walllet and stopped, the next day I got an email that ask if there were any problems and a 50% off coupon for my troubles, Well I got it and just about ready to move my internic over, so far so good!:)

does a high rating, check it out.

excuse any typing errors, dislocated my shoulder a feww days ago and the drugs are kicking in.
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