We need more Bee's in the air................RUMBLEBEES!


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Feb 22, 2017
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I got tired of pop pods on gliders, so instituted the VECTOR POD. Not my invention, but most people have never heard of this useful technique.

Took a trip in the Way Back Machine, when model planes had only rudder control, a rubber band powered escapement, and single vacuum tube rcvr. Ok, so updated to a Turnigy 5X radio with tiny open frame indoor flier servo. :cool:

No elevator control makes it easy to fly, boosts itself. Anyone can learn to fly on the first flight.

And easy to build. Reliable. No red barons. Engine ejects with streamer.bee.jpg

See post under ROCKET BOOSTED GLIDERS section.

Sport Rocketry editor Tom B. flew one at NSL, and there will be a demo at NARAM.