We had our own LDRS (with pics)

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Jan 30, 2009
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I was able to go home over July 4th weekend. We went to my uncle's house and me and my cousins flew a few rockets

We started off small with a Bullpup on a C6-5. That thing took off quick. Unfortunately, it landed in a huge pond. :( So we looked around for other things to fly. We picked out an Aerotech HV Arcas and a Loc Precision Weasel. My uncle had a bunch of old F72T's. We loaded up the Arcas for a very cool flight. We then flew the Weasel on the same motor. Luckily we got them both back. We then decide we needed more power. So we loaded up a G64W for the Arcas. That was pretty sweet. That was the first flight my Grandmothers and my mother had ever seen.:)

Then we went looking for more motors. We found an Apogee F10. I wasn't sure if it could lift the Weasel, but we decided to do it anyway. It was perfect! It started off very slow and you could see it accelerating quickly. Sadly, it landed in the trees. (My cousin got it back a few days later)

Undaunted, we flew some more. We flew the Arcas on a G33J. Then we flew it twice more on F72's. It was a very good day.

Of course, you don't think I would launch some rockets without my camera? Pics here.
You're a brave soul launching that close to so many trees and a pond. Or just desperate to fly...that's how I've lost so many!
Yeah, we were really lucky. There was no wind and everything was landing really close.
Well, either way I'm sure it made for a great 4th! haha, you said "LDRS of our own..." Good for you man. That's cool that you got your rocketry fix.
well, at least you're getting *some* flying in :)

Looks like life is treating you well. Please just keep us posted on you address and/or APO so that we can stay in touch!

Oh, yeah. I didn't think about that. Right now I am at Naval Training Center Great Lakes, in Great Lakes, IL.

My address is:

SA DeBrita, Nicholas J
320A Dewey Ave
Great Lakes IL 60088

Email: [email protected]
AIM: NavymanAECF
Very cool Nick! Great report, of course the *one* F72 that I end up with CATO's;)

Glad to see you haven't lost interest.

Good luck with your navy experience!