We are pleased to anounce another Rocketpad Kit!

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Nov 5, 2002
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We pleased to anounce a new product to our line of products. You can only get this kit from Rockethead Rockets. We are placing our order for this and are taking pre-orders for this Kit. We are not requiring any payment for TRF members. Just let us know that you would like one and are going to take one when they come in. We should have these about 2 weeks from now.

On to the kit. This kit is the Mega Scamp. This is a up-scale of an old classic kit. This kit is 26.250" tall, has a diameter of 1.6" and weight of 3.2oz. This rocket is a 24mm that flies great on C11-5, D12-5 and D12-7. You can get this great kit for $16.95.

If you would like to get one of these kits e-mail at [email protected]