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Dec 24, 2003
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I just wanted to share an experience with you, my hobby friends

Today I had the opportunity to undergo a procedure called Penetrating Keroplasty. For those of you without medical degrees, that is a Corneal Transplant. I have for years had a condition called keratoconus. A condition where the cornea thins and bulges in a manner to create extreme astigmatisim that is often not correctable with glasses or contacts.

I wanted to share that as a reminder for each of you to consider organ donation. For the first time in 20 years I stand a chance of normal vision in my right eye.

This was only possible because some generous individual had the kindness to make their tissue availble to others. I will never know who did this and I am posting everywhere I can my thanks to this kind soul :)



I hope you're feeling better and everything works out for the best.

I think that is the same desease my dad has, and extreme case of that I may add. He got the surgery... and now wears glasses. Before the surgery, he had to wear contacts... and those bairly helped.

Matter of fact... my Dad was a study subject at the Medical Center he went to (UMASS?)... they took a lot of pictures of his eyes.
I've had the organ donor box checked on my driver's license from day one. I know when my spirit leaves the meat puppet behind, someone else can use the parts. I'm glad you're doing better!