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Jan 20, 2009
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I was on a recovery stroll today looking for my Estes Sky Writer. Then all of the sudden I found my Big Daddy that had been missing for a week. The only problem, it was in a tree and it had rained three days since its disappearance.
So I got it down and noticed the BT was pretty much fine but the motor mount was beyond recognition. The BT did show signs of obvious water absorbtion, but still was as solid as the day I finished it.
My question is well actually I was hoping for more of suggestions. I just figured I'd get it hollowed out and just put in a new MM and figure it should be fine. Might as well make it a cluster MM.
So if you guys got anything, throw something at me, not literally.
If the MM was beyomnd salvage, odds are you might want to cut off that section of Air frame, and add a new piece using a coupler. It might be too weak to stand all the damage.

I had a alpha that was lost 1 time, found it a couple days later in a puddle. Put a new mount in and whoosh, rocket never moved, although the MMT must have hit Cydonia Mars a few seconds later..

Just a thought,
i've put a couple models in the Potomac river and the pond at middletown park. after as speedy a recovery as possible the models have always been pretty much soaked to the bone. If you can get the motor casing out before it swells locking it in tight you can save the motor mount. If the casing has seized you can cut out the mount and install a new one after letting the model sit for about a week to be sure everything as completely dried out.
Like silverleaf I was a lilttle worried that the tubing glue jointing might not hold up under pressure so I bench tested outdoors a couple b6 and c6 motors in the dried out Magnium upper stage that spent about 15minutes in the Anacostia river not the Potomac sorry. she has been fiying fine since. Same result with the SR-71 I landed in Middletown park pond.
Hope this give a little comfort to your Big Daddy situation;)
I'm going to have to take out the whole motor mount. Not that big of a deal though; perfect time to upgrade to an "E" or cluster MM! Thanks for the advice as well as the comfort.