WANTED: Terrier Sandhawk

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Feb 2, 2009
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I'm looking for the OOP Estes version. I'd like to make it a two-stager, maybe with a miniature timer onboard.
That is a tough one to clone!

Cheaper and easier would be to use is an OOP Estes Seahawk. I've seen them go on Ebay for as little as $30.

The Sandhawk on the Terrier/Sandhawk is a BT-55 based model with the nose cone/payload section and tailcone/fincan being an injection molded plastic set.

The Terrier 1st stage uses a unique 1.8" body tube with injection molded fins also.

The nose cone is a 3:1 ogive (I think it is 'cause I've made one) I would have to go dig through my stuff. It's one of the many "started" projects that I have.
Originally posted by sandman
That is a tough one to clone!

Precisely. I've seen a completed kit in the display window at Magnum and really love it. Just seems like whenever one's up for auction, I'm out of rocket money. I would think there's a way to stage it - as mentioned above with a miniature timer. I recall reading about a European staging timer that the competition spacemodelers rave about.
I think eugenefl and jetra2 submitted Sandhawk
plans to the FlisKits Design of the Month contest.

You might look there for cloning tips and stuff...

The OOP SM-3 Seahawk is essentially the same booster as the PRO Terrier-Sandhawk. They are not cheap at auction but come significantly cheaper than the T-S. The advantage to the SM-3 is that it includes the transition piece.

In addition, the OOP Estes Python is also the same tube/fins as the T-S, and can be had much cheaper. It does not, however, include the transition.

Hope that helps...
There is information on the web, or there was on staging the Estes Terrier/Sandhawk. I don’t remember the address offhand. (I think I have the paperwork at home in the kit box) If you have the time you could find some tubes and scratch one. The nosecone is an odd one at 2.68:1 and not a true ogive but a 3:1 would be close enough depending on the detail you’re aiming for.