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Not sure of your time frame, nor if you are interested in clusters, but FlisKits will be announcing two cluster payload kits (hopefully) before the end of this year.

One is a 3 motor 18mm cluster and the other is a 3 motor 24mm cluster. Let me know if you're interested




Heck yeah, I'm interested!


Wow! I am pretty interested in that 24mm version! Sounds interesting...cannot wait!
ummm, whoa there folks....

this was *not* an attempt to hijack Bob's thread. *he* is looking for a payloader with a clear payload tube, D power

this ain't about me, 'tis about Bob's request. I was just responding to that...

If you want to talk about FlisKits, I will start up a thread in the appropriate area for that.
Right! Of coarse! Thanks for stopping me! I also think that Dynastar's Rising Star would be your best bet! It looks like it has got nice quality and is not too expensive!
... not sure how much actual D power you need, and how big a payload section... you could put a 24mm MMT in the booster of Estes Echostar. it's heavy and has lots of drag from those fins so needs the boost. it has a BT20 sized clear payload section.
I can't give you a Payloader Kit, but a Can offer a source for 48" Clear polyethylene mailing tubes with a .93" ID, .97" OD with a .02" wall, The stuff fits onto standard BT-50 balsa block and is a tight fit on Jt-50 couplers. I use these tubes to make new and replacement payload bays and scratch Phantom flying bodies;)
McMaster Carr #2044T46 page 1388 at 1.11/4ft piece.
Hope this helps.
If you can find one, an Estes SuperNova Payloader. That's the only D powered payloader I have experience with.