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Wanted - Mars Lander kit to build (opened OK)

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Jan 17, 2009
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Yes, I know eRockets sells them. Wondering if anyone might have one that they may not end up building, who might like to trade for some other kit (1/45 Estes Little Joe-II?) or whatever deal we might be able to work out.

An already opened kit would be OK, long as there's no key parts missing. Mainly need the big tubes centering rings, wraps, & nose cone. (I may make up some custom legs and a different hinge/spring system for the legs, Decals would be nice but I could print my own if the kit's decals are messed up/missing).
Hi George-

Which version are you interested in? An original Estes, a Semroc, a newer upscale?

Good luck with your search.
Semroc kit. Want to build one to the size of the original.

I'm not a "purist" where it would matter being a Semroc reproduction rather than original Estes, and certainly not for the cost of a collector's kit. I know the decals are a bit different , and can print my own from a scan on the JimZ site if it matters enough. I might make up a few custom decals for it anyway.

The Tango Papa 1:1 scale would be OK too, but since it is OOP I figure that also would be more of a "collector's" kit. But if someone has one they don't plan to build and is not looking for collector's value in doing a trade or whatever (trade plus some $), that'd be as good as the Semroc kit.

Ironic thing is that I got an Estes Mars Lander kit in late 1970 or early 1971, when I had not been into the hobby a year yet. I knew it was Skill level 5, but got it anyway. But I never built it, the parts got used up for other things. I could perhaps set a Model Rocket record for the time between buying a kit with the intent to build (I did open the box and got overwhelmed) and building a kit..... even if not the same exact original kit. ;)

In the end I may end up buying the Semroc kit from eRockets anyway. But figured I'd ask here in case someone had a kit they are not planning to build and might be willing to trade or whatever.
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