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Feb 2, 2004
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I'm not a collector, but I am looking for a place to buy these kits. Not sure if there are specialy hobby stores that sell old kits, or if you just have to be lucky enough to find a seller. Maybe we can make a deal on a price. And I plan on flying them. :eek: I really need a Nike-Zeus to measure for my high power upscale and it's one of the first rockets I ever owned so it's important to find some of these kits.

Thanks in advance.
well, I am in the process of cleaning up a lot of my old rocketry stuff and I know that I have one of those... If I come across it again, I will post a note to you.

Your best bet may be to keep an eye on EBay. If its out there, it'll show up. But do be a little cautious. Don and I have encountered more then one individual passing off clones as original.


P.S. I have nothing against clones, I just think the seller should be up front about it.
Look fwd to hearing from you Jim, thanks!

Terri, I had not heard of clones other than the old Estes kits. I'll beware and keep a lookout though. I didn't want to get into a bidding war with people.
I don't understand? if your going to do an Upscale, why not make it a TRUE SCALE instead of using a very inaccurate, plastic model, when good "Scale data" is so easily obtained? 2 books I would recommend that will net you GREAT color photos and all the dimensions are "Weapons of World War III", and"U.S Nuclear Weapons ". Both should still be available in the library, or purchased through the Smithsonian.
Think upscale of a original Cox kit Micro, but good advise. I'll check into those publications.
Originally posted by FDB
I really need a Nike-Zeus to measure for my high power upscale.
Thanks in advance.

There is ACTUAL scale data on the Spartan in the NARTS booklet "14 US ARMY MISSILES OF THE COLD WAR".
Check the nar.org website for the NARTS page and look under "books".

Its not the Nike-Zeus, but it is accurate data, and you don't have to mess with that really short transition between the first and second stages!!!

It looks remarkably similar to the Estes Nike-X kit, paint-scheme and all. Its funny that the Estes kit is pretty close to accurate for overall length and body tube diameter and fin geometry--- but the fins are oversized about 25%. It really screams on E9 motors without ANY additional noseweight!!!

I flew my flight-worn model several times at NARAM last year on E9's and ripstop nylon streamer.

Oh yeah, heres a Nike-Zeus pic too.

Chris "hand-measured the real Spartan" Timm