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Wanted: 852 54mm motor and closures.

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Sep 17, 2013
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I've got one floating around somewhere but can't find it. I won't mind two if I do relocate it.
Open or closed forward closure?
I may can help you out on the closures. I think I have more closures than cases. They may be the silver closures, Dr Rocket or Monster ..I think.
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Okay, so I was mistaken. I only have two aft closures, big and small, and three forward closures. One tapped and two open.
I can let go of one of the forward open closures and still be in good shape. It is the silver Monster Motors. In good shape. I bought it used but I have never personally flown it. But you would still have to find the aft closure and casing.
PM me if you want it and we can talk price.