Waiting for paint to dry.....

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Fore Check

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Sep 24, 2010
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I get so dad-gummed impatient waiting for paint to dry!

I have two rockets that I am excited about in the painting stage. (Come to think of it - I don't think I've built a rocket yet that I haven't been excited about, but that's another discussion)

What to do whilst paint dries?

My children are monopolizing the premium time on the XBox (I guess I could go kick their but at Steel Battalion);

My floundering, choking, and otherwise hopeless hockey team doesn't play tonight....

My wife is "busy".....

I wish that my immediate (mom, dad, brother/sister, in-laws) lived here. They could watch the rugrats and I could go karaoke.....

What is a hopelessly bored and no-relief-in-sight dad to do in a situation like this?
Go to Walmart .... buy another kit ... and start building another one !!!

I've got 3 little projects drying tonight (glue) .... and I just may start on a forth ..... gotta go watch JAG first !!!
See, it's that whole "go watch JAG" thing.

I have more kits and parts than I know what to do with.

I could build solid for months and not run out!

My hockey team played tonite, lost in OT. But got a point. Go Devils!!!!
I have been working sooooooooooo much lately that I can barely finish my Tres. finally got the fins glued on yesterday. I want to start about 5 kits but no time.
So at least you can work on your kits. When I get home I've got to play with mine,(kids that is) not that that is a bad thing of course.
Anyway I'm beginning to ramble, justtook some Nyquil so I'm feeling a little lippy, yet very relaxed........:cool: :cool: