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Jan 4, 2009
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Gentlemen it's a dangerous mission, one you may not survive . . .

Seriously, I could use someone's help in helping us gather a "sticky" thread that used to be under the Coffee House. It was a compilation listing of all the vendors, manufacturers, governing rocketry bodies, etc.

Anyone interested in gathering that information again? Or I could simply start a thread to that effect and prune it, as needed. However, having a person take charge frees me up for other activities, such as Basketweaving.

I went through and posted the links. I will go through them later tonight and fix any errors.

I had to split it into 2 posts as the maximum length was 10,000 characters.
well i started it before i you posted the sticky i thought i was helping.
I'm certain that you ARE being helpful. Apologies for any unintended duplication of effort. I 'stickied' Sunward's project before I knew you were doing the same thing. Let's all do our best to play nice together. These sorts of tools help everyone. Besides, if there's s rush of people who want to do things, I'm sure Troy has LOTS of things he can ask for help with...:D