Viscous liquid bath for egg cushioning

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And just to complete the story, here are the salient bits from the Range Crew instructions for ARC:
  1. Egg must be removed from the rocket and from all padding and packaging by a student team member in front of a returns official and then handed to the return official for inspection
    • Verify that egg serial number matches that recorded on the flight card
  2. Egg must have zero cracking or external damage; candle if in doubt. Record as "OK" on the flight
    card if satisfactory. Record as “egg broken” and "disqualified" if cracked.

We don't check for internal scrambling. We only care that the shell is intact and that the egg(s) we are looking at is the one(s) that issued before checkin.
Packing peanuts, make up foam wedges cut into various sizes, Jell-O cut into cubes. Make an assortment in various sizes to place around the egg. Maybe? Mayonnaise or guacamole?