Vintage Estes Xarconian Destroyer Build

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Jan 18, 2009
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Back to one of my vintage builds, the Estes Xarconian Destroyer 1903 build. The kit is old but the parts appear to be in great condition. The build may take a little longer since we have rain forecasted for the next week.

DSC_0312 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0313 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0318 (1280x851).jpg
Anything Xarconian has my attention!
Seen these pop up on ebay occasionally.
Always go for a good chunk of change.
Never when I have any.
Be a good one to clone if you can find (or hand carve) the nose cone.
I'm, lots of pics!

EDIT: Might also do scans and pass them onto K'Tesh for his Open Rockets Thread.
Be sure to include a rule with the scans and balsa thickness and part numbers from the instructions.
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Woody, you ain't gotta find or carve this Nose Cone! Just order the Estes Sci-Fi NC Pack. It may be a bit different, but it's the same.
I was able to built my rocket today, went together pretty smooth with no issues other than dealing with the die cut parts. As you can see from the pictures, the body tube is showing its age but should be fine after a coat of paint. I am going to try and begin sealing the balsa tomorrow.

DSC_0262 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0303 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0305 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0306 (1280x851).jpg
Such nice work, SCIGS30! This's one of those models that I pored over in the 1983 catalog, and it's so nice to see it realized through your handiwork.
Between work and the weather it has taken awhile for me to finish this build. The balsa was all coated with 4 coats of balsa sealer then the only days I could paint it was raining. When I was ready to paint I noticed I did not have Krylon grey and ordering it would take a week so I had to use what I had on hand. I decided to use Testors paints since that is what I had on hand. Since it is an enamel I decided to spray a coat of Testors primer followed by Testors gloss white and gloss grey. The directions have you spray the bottom white and the top grey with no masking so that is what I did. Most of the decals went on great for an old kit but some did wrinkle up when they dried. All and all a fun build and a rocket that looks like it would be on Star Trek.

DSC_0281 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0285 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0288 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0296 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0299 (1280x851).jpg