Vintage Estes Surveyor Build 2046

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Jan 18, 2009
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This is a neat looking rocket that was only shown in the Estes 1991 catalog. The kit is in great shape and since there are no scans, I will scan and post.



Model 3.JPG
My were just decoration. Would be cool to pop a parachute or 2 out of them tho...
I got one of those on a big kit trade. I bashed it to get all the nose cones. If it was worth a lot of money (I doubt), please don't tell me ... :)
So far the build is pretty simple and she is ready for the grey paint today and blue paint on all 5 nose cones. I have everything scanned and should post shortly. The balsa was sealed with 4 coats of Brodak balsa sealer and you can see how well it fills end grain with no additional fillers. The pods were glued on using the supplied stack of cardstock for correct placement of the Bt-5 pods. The fillets are all done with Elmers Glue All and extra fillets were added to the pods to add extra strength. Should have her all done in the next couple of days.

DSC_0266 (1280x1263).jpg

DSC_0270 (1280x1251).jpg

DSC_0275 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0277 (1280x851).jpg

IMG_0151 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_0152 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_0153 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_0154 (1280x960).jpg
Here she is all painted and ready for the decals tomorrow.

DSC_0264 (1280x1276).jpg

DSC_0270 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0272 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0273 (1280x851).jpg
I have never seen this kit before either, I guess they did not make too many of them. The build is complete she is ready for flight, onto my next vintage build.

DSC_0266 (1132x1280).jpg

DSC_0268 (1218x1280).jpg
Cool! Another job well done. I started using the Brodak Balsa Sealer last week on a couple of projects, and I'm now a huge fan! Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention.
I am glad you tried it and yes it works great and I am glad we are still able to get balsa sealer. I have tried everything and this stuff is the best and easiest so far.