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Jan 18, 2009
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It was not raining today so I was able to apply the final coat of gloss white to my Enterprise and SST Aries. Unfortunately the rain is going to start back up tonight and last until next week. My Klingon ship is coming along, the putty is drying and pictures will be posted shortly. This rocket is the easiest, but hardest to come by. I have 3 of these kits and couldn't wait to build one. All the parts are in great condition and the decal is old but usable. I am going to paint the yellow parts a glossy yellow. This kit can be cloned by using the yellow plastic pieces from the new Mongoose kit. The fin can and nose are a little different, but not that much. The decal is just a peel and stick decal. I will make copies of this decal before I use it. I tried to scan it, but it comes out terrible.

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This was an easy build and I can't wait to go flying. The plans call for a Ray-O-Vac 926 battery and luckily my local Ace hardware store has some. I will pick it up when I get back on Tuesday. I will get a copy of the decal and send it to YORF to post.
Every time I tried for one of those on Epay, it went for a ridiculous price.

Looks good.