Vintage Estes SARK build

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Jan 18, 2009
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I really need to thin out some of my rockets, I just picked one out of storage and it is the Estes SARK, all parts in great condition. I cut out the fins using the pattern supplied and brushing on Brodak Balsa Sealer right now. Should be a fast easy build.

DSC_0263 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0265 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0266 (1280x851).jpg
Wow, that must be really old. Not only is it pre-laser cut, it's pre-diecut.
This is a fast easy build. Cut out the fins, brushed on 4 coats of Brodak sealer and painted with old Krylon paint. Tomorrow I will add the decals.

DSC_0281 (1280x1145).jpg

DSC_0311 (1280x1104).jpg

DSC_0315 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0321 (1280x1253).jpg
The old decals went on pretty nice for being old, anyway she is all done and on to the next build. Still trying to decide between the Estes Crusader or Der V3.....:confused:

DSC_0279 (1280x1245).jpg

DSC_0282 (1280x851).jpg

DSC_0283 (1280x1276).jpg

DSC_0288 (1280x1276).jpg