Vintage Estes Aries SST build

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Jan 18, 2009
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I am slowly coming along on my USS Enterprise, but while parts are drying I decided to start on another vintage project. Since I did not post the build here, I will show some pictures of the Enterprise kit. If anyone has seen the USS enterprise on display at an Estes booth, can you please let me know if it whas white or light gray, thanks. I will post the completed build when I am done. I bought two Aries kits on Ebay so now I am ready to build one. This is a neat looking rocket and should be a fun build. I will begin building today, but painting will have to wait until we get some dry weather next week.


The filming model (11ft) was flat light gray. I think it was GM gray primer. It looks white on screen due to the lights. Most people paint their plastic models gray.

The first photo is the filming model (5.5ft) used in the DS9 episode "trials and Tribelations" In The Science Fiction museum.

The second is the 11 ft filming model from the series on display in the Air and Space museum. The colors on this one are not accurate because it was repainted in the '90s.

I'm looking forward to your Aries SST build, I like the clean design.


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I have the rocket ready for priming, 3 coats of balsa sealer and primer to come. I will prime today and top coat tomorrow.

Thanks for the replies, I am off the next couple of days but I am unable to finish painting because it started to rain. I paint in the garage but have to leave the doors open so I am worried about the increase in humidity. I don't mind painting with primers and flat colors, but gloss colors may be pushing it. I have not painted the nose yet because I am waiting on the plastic putty to dry on the bottom side. I had a small indentation that needed to be filled.


After the bad weather cleared up I was able to finish painting the Aries. Decals went on easy and now she is ready to fly.

Wow, those look like plastic fins. Not one balsa grain line. Very nicely done! So, when are you building that Firecat you got from me? I can't remember the other one you got.
Since you asked I might dig it out and build it next. After 3 coats of Aerogloss balsa sealer, the fins feel like plastic. That is why I use that great smelling sealer.