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May 2, 2009
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the little Estes wizard was little more than a blur on a C6 motor!
this wasnt' really supposed to be its own thread...
oh well
here's a pic of the baby bertha picking up speed
the cheetah moved out slowly on the E9 powerplant!
here she is reaching the end of the powered phase of her flight...
Nice pics, looks like you had a great time.
I wish the weather here would settle down so I can get some flying done.
How far back does everyone stand when they take pics and videos?

BTW, did you recover the Wizard after flying on the C6? :)
I try to get as close to the pad as is safe. The zoom on my camera is limited, and the farther back I go, the worse the pics get. The downside of being so close is that it gives me much less window to actually get a shot of the rocket in flight, since it zooms off the upper side of my frame very fast!

In that case, how close can one be to the launch pad of LPR launches and still be relatively safe? :)
The NAR code states that you have to be at least 15 feet away for D motors down, and 30 for E-G.
came down nice and close with its streamer.
wind was calm with occasional gusts to 5 mph or so
only one that didn't make it back was the Star Dart which took a wrong turn at the top of the launch rod and arced to the east instead of the west. wind was from the southwest, so i knew it wasn't coming home as it flew high and fast into the sky...what a beautiful flight it made, chute popped at around 2000' and even with a big hole in the middle, gently dropped the model behind some tall trees over ------> that hill...inside Lake of the Pines, a gated community.

next time i'll bring a 12v launcher so i can burn some of these AP motors