Victory Day Parade on Red Square 2017

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Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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Parade starts at 28:00. What's with the randomly distributed, exaggerated forced grins seen on some of the marchers? Expressions should be deadly serious or, at least, neutral. Hardware display starts at 46:37. Unfortunately, no flyover due to poor weather (drizzle) and low ceiling.

Good to see the re-emergence of the Evil Empire. Time to get some real cash back into our military industrial complex now that the old menace is back. Trump can only dream for something half as cool, whereas Putin can look marvelous every year. Oh where are you now, we need you Curtis LeMay!
I've been in Red Square. Cool place.

I enjoyed a Coca Cola while there, and paused to fondly remember Ronald Reagan and that German kid who evaded Soviet radar to land a Cessna there.

Вы должны улыбаться президенту!
I like the T34/85 leading the way. The driver sure got her going nice, right on que, and it ran very well. Tons of black smoke from the rebuilds! And those were true RED ARMY smiles of JOY!

Putin's boys have the hair triggers installed on their SAMs, just like the good ole POV strany days!
No flyover on V-Day due to weather, but here's the rehearsal:

I was speaking with a Ukranian friend of mine(who was very familiar with everything in the video) and he said that the hammer and sickle flag at the beginning was the flag of the military school that was leading the parade. He also told me that back in the days of the Soviet Union, you were REQUIRED to be there, as in they take names. If you didn't show up, you got an unpleasant visit from some govt officials.