Veteran's Day Launch: GREENHILL ROCKS

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Mar 14, 2004
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The Greenhill TARC team/Rocketguts crew built and flew a rocket for Veteran's Day. 7' tall, 4" diameter, stars and bars finish, 2-cluster of 29mm G something, I didn't ask, but definitely Blue Thunder. They launched it from the track field at their school and let an attending vet push the button.

SMOKE and FIRE and WHOOSH straight up despite the 15 MPH wind. POP and event and my brand new Top Flight 30" X-chute I loaned them deployed but didn't open. But this was a good thing. As it was, streamering in, it landed well off grounds, and across the street. Good thing they didn't use the 36" round.

A very impressive flight, made the more exciting by the presence of a couple hundred spectators. Much well deserved cheers and applause.

I suppose they could have done with a little less excitement. I managed to drive up with the igniters within about 3 minutes of the scheduled launch time. But hey, what goes up is a good launch.
We used 2x G64s, and were expecting it to go quite high. Luckily, one of the maintenance guys at the apartment across the street found the rocket and placed it in his truck. The rocket guys and I were running through the apartment hectically hoping it didn’t land a roof.

The crowd was crazy! Lots of little preschool kids up to high school kids and Veterans! We got some of the senior kids to start a loud countdown before the launch, and it seemed as if we were in the movie October Sky. Then after the launch, everyone went wild, tons of cheerful and congratulatory shouts. I’m pretty sure nobody at my school has soon such a large rocket, and not to mention G motors!

And talk about a camera crew! We had two digital camcorders, and about five cameras covering the launch! Seems like the guys in the technology departing are going to make a nice clip of the entire launch including the preparation and results. I’ll put a link on here when it’s completed. Now, I need to find all those people who had camera and see if they got any good pictures!
This may not be the most PG conversation, but it's kind of funny...

Pongs101: hey
Pongs101: did you see the rocket launch?
Se***Pigeon: yes
Se***Pigeon: the take-off was quite impressive
Pongs101: was it loud from where you were standing?
Se***Pigeon: a little
Se***Pigeon: you scared the sh*t out of some little kids
(*** placed to protect friend's identity)

EDIT: edited friend's screen name
Well, here's the video the technology department made for us!

Then on the right hand side, where it says 'Greenhill Media Center', 'click on Nov. 11 Rocket Launch'.

Cool stuff!